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Gift card / wrapping / Zasshu® exclusive box

Gift card / wrapping / Zasshu® exclusive box

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For those who wish to receive a gift, we will deliver it in a nice Zasshu box or wrapping.
We also have gift cards with your name on them.

💌 [Gift Card] ¥330 (tax included)
Enter the name of your dog or cat.
Please write your name in the "order memo" when ordering.
*Up to 4 animals can be listed.

*If the delivery address and the purchaser are the same, the purchaser's name will not be included.

🎁【Zasshu Black Box】 ¥440 (tax included)
Snacks: Holds about 5 bags.
Frozen meat: Approximately 2kg per box.
*Orders from 500g to 2kg are delivered in a black box. Recommended for those who order 2kg or more, and those who want a 250g trial size as a gift.

🎀 [Wrapping ] ¥ 220 (tax included)
Wrapped in a luxurious black soft non-woven fabric and delivered with a ribbon.
* Up to 4 bags each of snacks and retort pouches.
*Wrapping of frozen products is not supported.

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