Reliable quality and global standard hygiene management

Our sika deer meat is only accepted from reliable first-class contracted hunters under a consistent management system.

1. Deer killed with one shot to the head or neck 2. 2. A deer that has been exsanguinated (without opening the abdomen) immediately after it has been killed. Delivery before onset of rigor mortis (within approximately 2 hours, rigor mortis confirmed upon arrival)

We carefully select only deer that have clearly defined this condition, and use only those with high freshness.

Killing the head or neck with one shot is called a clean kill.
Clean kill is not possible without advanced technology and knowledge.
Why stick to clean kill?

Deer that have been killed using methods other than clean kills will become violent, overheated, and the quality of their meat will drop.
There is a huge difference in taste.

and more than anything,
You can minimize the pain to the ezo deer and get your life.

Abdominal laparotomy in the mountains is prone to bacteria adhering and breeding due to unsanitary blades and wild places. Bacteria that can't be cold treated on site and produce toxins during transportation accelerate meat spoilage. This is said to be the "smell" of gibier.

Our sika deer are bled promptly, transported within two hours, carefully processed, and stored in aging warehouses.

Because it is fresh and "clean meat", it can withstand long-term aging.

We will provide the best matured Ezo deer meat that is offered at a high-class restaurant in Minato-ku, Tokyo for your pet.