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What is the service industry, accommodation industry, and store support service?

In order to please customers with dogs and cats, we offer carefully selected ingredients from Hokkaido and aged Ezo venison to increase the smiles of our customers.

Point 1
Hard-to-find Hokkaido aged ezo venison
We will deliver.

Our ezo venison has a different quality than ordinary meat.
The premium finish with the extra effort of "aging" enhances both special feeling and satisfaction.
It is a high-quality material that makes you want to put it on SNS unintentionally.

Point 2
No additives, no preservatives, no colorings

Natural ezo venison that does not use hormones
It is processed under strict acceptance standards and thorough hygiene control.
We can provide you with peace of mind and safety.

Point 3
Fresh ingredients that are easy to handle and do not drip

Can be stored frozen for 1 year

Fresh meat is quickly frozen in a shock freezer, so it is hygienic meat that is easy to handle in the kitchen with little dripping after thawing.

The expiry date is 1 year and can be stored for a long time.
We offer ground meat types and cut dies that are easy to use for various menus .