How much protein does an animal need per day

22% or more in adult dogs and 26% or more in adult cats.

To the style of food they want.

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We have prepared special treats for dogs and cats that use only... 

Nutritional therapy

A therapeutic diet specially developed for children with chronic renal failure or... 


We have prepared special treats for dogs and cats that use only... 

  • SHIKASUKU ~ Shikasuku Regular Service ~

    Zasshu delivers fresh and delicious meat once a week, once a month, or for any period of time. Premium venison subscription service "Shikask". Dogs and cats will look forward to a box full of "delicious!" Every month.

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  • dog life counseling

    It is said that the deeper the relationship of trust with your dog, the richer your life will be. A counselor who supports how to live with dogs in line with the living environment in Japan. Please feel free to contact us for even the smallest details.

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  • Corporate Support Service

    We will do our best to support everyone in the dog cafe, lodging industry, and service industry with Zasshu's special products. Make your customers smile. We will support the wonderful memories of the dogs playing outside.

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  • genuine human grade

    Venison is an expensive food item. We have heard from customers that they have purchased venison that was sold as human grade for pets, but it is of a quality that cannot be eaten by humans, or is poorly managed.

    At our company, we strictly adhere to delivery within 2 hours from a first-class hunter with advanced technology, sticking to clean kill freshness, and manufacturing management at a factory that has been approved for HACCAP evaluation A.

  • get the right nutrition

    A well-balanced diet is the most important way to stay healthy. Animals differ from humans in that their nutritional needs vary by species and by age.

    The amount of protein that animals need per day is said to be 22% or more for adult dogs and 26% or more for adult cats. Dogs need all three macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) and cats, being carnivorous, need more protein than humans and dogs.

  • Dietary management of therapeutic diet

    It is important to understand the characteristics of nutrition required for each disease and to deal with them skillfully. I want to choose a quality that can be more secure in a limited meal.

    By understanding the appropriate food type, feeding frequency and feeding method, and countermeasures against eating irregularities, you can get along well with the dietary environment of therapeutic diets.

    It is important to have regular check-ups and work with your veterinarian.

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    Premium pet food made with high-quality venison. "Zasshu® Dog Amenities"

    From everyday use, it was introduced as a welcome treat for dogs when traveling .

  • Achievement rate of over 600%

    At makuake, the largest crowdfunding platform in Japan, we achieved an unprecedented achievement rate of 600% for pet food. Thank you for supporting our philosophy of making Japan an advanced country for pets.

  • pet food safety manager

    Our company has staff certified as “pet food safety managers” (who have acquired knowledge and skills related to ensuring safety, ensuring the safety of raw materials, and specialized knowledge to prevent pets from being harmed). Doing.

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