Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : This is the first raw meat. Are you okay?
A1 : It's okay. Our raw meat uses meat that we humans can eat deliciously, which is recognized by the chefs of high-end restaurants. Please feel free to give it to me.

Q2 :Is gibier safe for parasites?
A2 : It's okay. It has been frozen at minus 40 degrees for more than 20 hours by shock freezer freezing, so it will die.

Q3 : How much should I give?
A3 : It depends on whether the child is small or large, but if it's your first time eating raw food, give it little by little and increase it while watching how it eats.

* Even if it is good for your body, it is not recommended to give too much. At first, see how the meal is by your side and adjust accordingly.

Q4 :I have bad teeth, can I still eat?
A4 : Yes. Especially the minced meat is soft and easy to eat, so it is recommended.

Q5 :I have food allergies.
A5 : Recommended for children with food allergies. Venison has an antigen degree of 2 and is a low-allergen ingredient. (Do not give to children with venison allergies.)

Q6 :The amount of poop has decreased.
A6 : You are absorbing nutrients properly. Dry food and pet food with a lot of grains do not absorb necessary nutrients and excrete more. Some people feel relieved when the amount of excretion is large, but if your dog or cat properly absorbs the necessary nutrients, the amount of excretion will be small.

Q7 :I have diarrhea.
A7 :In rare cases, children who have not eaten foods rich in living nutrients such as enzymes and lactic acid bacteria may get an upset stomach if they suddenly eat raw meat. If you have diarrhea, stop eating one meal and give only water. When you return to the usual excretion state, top with a small amount of warm meat and give it little by little.

Q8 :Is it safe to store it in the same freezer as people?
A8 : It's okay. Our ezo venison is human grade meat and can be safely stored in a regular freezer. Please use up as soon as possible after thawing. Refreezing after thawing is not recommended.

Q9 :Is the color different from the frozen meat of other companies when it is thawed?
A9 : Our aged ezo venison goes into aging in a very fresh state. Red meat has a blackish color that is unique to aging. It is proof that the umami and aroma are condensed .

Premium Mix and Green Tripe are frozen fresh in an ultra-low temperature shock freezer, so they stay fresh and beautiful when thawed.
Some people are surprised by the freshness and vivid condition.