About regular flights

We have prepared a convenient and economical regular service so that you don't have to worry about feeding your dog or cat.

<Regular flights>

This is a flat-rate service in which Zasshu will send the products you have selected once a week, once a month, or as often as you like. Recommended for those who:

✔ I want my child to eat good food
✔ Because I want you to stay healthy forever
✔ As a reward for a hard working weekend
Happy meals for pets on family holidays
✔ You don't want to miss your favorite snack
I don't want to worry about food selection anymore

We regularly deliver favorite products that make dogs and cats smile.

< How to order >

Select the size of the product you want delivered and select regular delivery.
You can choose the delivery frequency you want, such as weekly or monthly.

- Terms of use -
・Meat must continue for at least 3 months ・Snacks must continue for at least 4 months
・Products can be changed in the middle of regular flights after the above minimum duration period has passed.

If you wish to change or stop, please contact us from the inquiry form.

You can check the course you have selected in the cart.

You can check below.

・Travel expenses to deliver delicious food (delivery fee)

Click "Proceed to payment" and enter your credit card information. (Payment not confirmed yet)

Currently, the only payment method that can be used is a credit card.

Select the delivery address in the orderer information, check "Save information on device", confirm the subscription agreement, check it, and click "Pay Now" to confirm the order.

<Confirm delivery by registering my account>

Please register your account with the email address you used when you applied.
You can check the scheduled delivery date and history of regular flights on My Account.
You can also change your credit card information from the My Account page.

<Frequently Asked Questions>

Q1) Can I suspend or cancel my subscription?
A1) Yes. You can stop and restart at any time. Please contact us from the inquiry form.

Q2) Can I try it only once?
A2) There is no one-time trial plan, but you can stop delivery at any time after the minimum continuous period, so feel free to try it.

Q3) Can I change the contents of the regular flight?
A3) You can stop the delivery at any time, so you can easily change it by placing a new order for the item you want.