Zasshu®'s [Dog Life Counselor]

It is said that the deeper the relationship of trust with your dog, the richer your life will be.

A counselor who supports how to live with dogs in line with the living environment in Japan. Please feel free to contact us for even the smallest details.

Dogs have been companions to humans for many years.
More and more people are living with their dogs as “family members” instead of “pets”.

Dogs are creatures that enrich our lives as our relationship of trust deepens, and they show us a new world that cannot be learned from human relationships alone. However, there are times when the way of living with dogs does not go well, and there is a distance between people and dogs.

Discipline is not as expected,
Doesn't eat the food I prepared because I think it's good for my body...

Even the foundation of affection for a dog can be shaken.

In such a case, the role of the dog life counselor is to gently snuggle up and reconfirm the love with the dog together.

By supporting the way of living with dogs from various directions based on the situation of the family, environment, etc., we would like to help you a little to make the life between dogs and people better. I'm happy.

[Consultation example]

"I don't like barking at chimes and phone sounds."
"I want to do something about my child only eating ○○."
"When I meet other dogs, they bark and I can't play with them."
'I have terrible separation anxiety'

We receive various consultations not only on discipline, but also on diet, physical condition, and relationships with families.
It is popular with people who want to consult with a veterinarian about trivial matters of daily life and receive professional advice.

There is a rapid increase in the number of people who have pets due to the corona sickness and can no longer keep them after returning to their daily lives. Please feel free to contact us.

[Counseling method]

A dog life counselor will visit your home.
[1] Free for the first 30 minutes (transportation fee will be charged separately)
I will give you simple advice while listening to your story. Please relax and talk♪
[2] From the second time onwards…¥3,500 per hour + transportation expenses

● About visiting your home: We will provide appropriate advice and counseling while observing the normal situation of the dog and family.
●We do not accept only dogs.
●Please be sure to bring your family and dog.
●The counselor will come from Saitama Prefecture.

dog life counselor
Makoto Aikawa

*Please fill in the content of your consultation in the message column. A counselor will get back to you.