Thoughts of Zasshu®


what we believe

We know the happiness of being healed by animals and feeling kind.

When you open the door with "I'm home", you'll always find happiness in showing love to us, such as a cat with a sweet voice and a dog running around with its tail wagging. Happiness that makes us smile. Happiness that makes you feel calm. Happiness to feel with them and family. Happiness to feel that you are not alone.

We at Zash believe that dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and fish can all be relaxed and happy with their pets.

I want them to be healthy for a long time. I want you to smile with healthy, delicious meals! We can't be the only ones who think so.

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what we make

It was during this time that I came across Ezo venison from Hokkaido, which is packed with nutrients. It contains twice the protein that your beloved dog or cat needs, iron, vitamins, and the same DHA as blue fish, which is not found anywhere else. , can share this happiness!

From there, we researched and adopted a process called "aging" that makes it easy for everyone from adult dogs and cats to seniors to eat, and even lipids become omega. The result was "Hokkaido Aged Ezo Venison" for pets.

for modern pets

Ezo venison is a low-allergen ingredient that is less likely to cause allergies and has an antigen level of 2 in the food allergy index.

Our dogs have had many food allergies since they were rescued puppies. It was difficult to provide sufficient nutrition even if we did not eat foods that cut out ingredients that cause allergies or devised. Since I gave him aged ezo venison, he no longer has to worry about allergies.

Just like people, many children today suffer from allergies to pets. Our food is not only "delicious", but we will also solve the problem of food selection by the owner.

I wish I could make as many dogs and cats as possible happy with a smile on the owner's face. We will challenge with such a feeling.

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protein your cat needs

Young cats need 26% more animal protein per day than dogs. First of all, cats are carnivores.
Boiled beef or raw beef, which one will your cat choose?

Videos tend to favor raw meat. Meat is a very pleasing ingredient for young cats and energetic children.
Kidney disease is one of the most common ailments in older cats. In this case, protein can be a burden on the body, so I think there are many owners who want to give cats to maintain their health. . Choosing the right food for your child is important.

pet food safety manager

Our company has staff certified as “pet food safety managers” (acquired knowledge and skills related to ensuring safety, ensuring the safety of raw materials, and specialized knowledge to prevent pets from being harmed). We are We work hard to ensure the safety of your pets.

Safety management