Animonda Cat Food Integra Protect Kidney Care (Low Phosphorus) Various Gluten Free Wet Foods

Animonda Cat Food Integra Protect Kidney Care (Low Phosphorus) Various Gluten Free Wet Foods

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Animonda Cat Kidney Care Therapy Diet Set of 6 (100g x 6)

Cat food specifically developed for cats with chronic renal failure or kidney disease. Supports kidney function by reducing protein and phosphorus content. It's also grain-free, so it's great for cats with grain intolerance.
For children who are concerned about kidney disease and children who want to protect their kidneys ◎

〇 Chicken (meat used: pork, chicken)
〇Turkey (meat used: turkey only) *Can be eaten by children with chicken allergies.
〇 Duck (meat used: duck, chicken, veal)
〇Pork (meat used: pork, chicken) *The amount of pork is large.
〇 Veal (meat used: duck, chicken, veal) *The amount of veal is large.
〇 Beef (meat used: beef, pork, chicken)

Low-protein, low-phosphorus food.

It is a therapeutic diet adjusted to 0.15% phosphorus, 0.17% sodium, 0.18% potassium, and 6.6% protein for the purpose of feeding cats with chronic renal failure who require diet therapy.

How does renal failure develop?

Chronic renal failure or chronic renal disease is a condition in which the function of the kidney gradually declines, destroying the nephron, which is the device that produces urine, and reducing the filtering capacity of the kidney, making it impossible to maintain a normal internal environment.

It is difficult to notice and progresses gradually over months to years.

The cause of kidney disease has not yet been definitively identified, but is discovered after more than 75% of kidney function has been lost.

However, since there are multiple diseases such as calculi, ureteral stones, renal tumors, bacterial infections, and autoimmunity that reduce kidney function, it is very important to check for concurrent diseases on a regular basis. It is important to have regular health check-ups so that it can be detected early.

The renal diet is a fundamental and important component of treatment. It should cover the nutritional needs of your pet while slowing the progression of kidney loss and relieving symptoms.

Importance of diet therapy (therapeutic diet)

Dietary therapy is said to be the most effective treatment.

Many are often described as "low-protein diets," but renal diets do not necessarily mean restricting only protein.

When considering kidney care, in addition to limiting PO4 (phosphate) and Na (sodium), adding B vitamins, increasing calorie density, adding soluble fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, etc. , K (potassium) is often added to cats.

Since it is difficult to make a well-balanced diet at home, a specialized therapeutic diet is recommended .

Animonda Neelen is a diet food that cats love

●Low phosphorus, low protein ●No soybeans and sugar ●Grain free ●No Chinese ingredients ●No artificial colorings or preservatives

[Ingredients] Meat, vegetables (potatoes), fats (canola oil), vegetable by-products), minerals.

Ingenuity to keep you from getting bored

Animonda's food is a nutritional food that has cleared the nutritional standards of the EU's FEDIAF organization (AAFCO in the United States).
It is designed so that you can continue to feed one type of rice for a long time, but we want your cat to enjoy various flavors. We offer a wide variety of foods to keep you happy and healthy.

Depending on your taste and physical condition, we highly recommend food rotation in Animonda "Neelen Kidney Food" .

We have prepared a "case (16 pieces)" that you should keep on hand because it is a disease that will last for a long time so that you can put it up immediately when you are feeling well or ready to eat .

Remedial food is one of the items to always keep in case of disaster.

We will support the diet of your precious pet.

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