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Hokkaido deer bone Ezo deer dog cat additive-free domestic stick bone soup oral care toothpaste venison

Hokkaido deer bone Ezo deer dog cat additive-free domestic stick bone soup oral care toothpaste venison

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A rescue dog eating deer bones

Keep the freshness with Hokkaido's fresh Ezo deer bone shock freezer.
Fresh bone calcium supports the health of your dog or cat.

Chewing the bone is effective for brushing your dog's teeth ◎! Natural deer bones that dogs' instincts prefer relieve stress and satisfy satisfaction. It is a size that small dogs can eat with confidence.

🦷 [Oral Care] It has a natural toothpaste effect. By chewing on the bones, tartar and plaque that cause bad breath are suppressed and the oral environment is maintained healthy.

🦴 [Calcium & Minerals] It is a very big point to be able to take in natural calcium. Strengthening the bones that support the body of dogs and cats is essential for maintaining good health. In addition, the marrow of raw bones is rich in minerals. I'm happy to be able to take natural nutrition.

[Stress Relief] Chewing a lot stimulates the dog's instincts and relieves stress while providing rich nutrition. Give it as a delicious and enjoyable snack.
Nutrients in deer bones
Yezo deer live only in Hokkaido

Unlike foreign-made cowhide gum, domestically produced natural deer bones are safe for pets and us.

Zash's deer bones are easy to eat and break, so they are safe for dogs and cats.

Perfect for camping and outdoor snacks. They will be engrossed in eating it.

[For soup stock]

For children who are tired of the usual rice or who have lost their appetite, eating soup rice with the condensed flavor of venison will increase their appetite.
Bone soup for dog and cat riceHandmade rice made from deer bones for dogs
Simmer while removing the lye. Meat attached to the bone is also peeled off naturally. Please add toppings to your rice♪
*Please do not give bones used for soup stock.

[Meat is also firmly attached]
deer bone content

[How to give]

・It will be delivered frozen. Allow to thaw 1-2 hours before serving. Please use within 1-2 days after thawing.
Bone is a highly nutritious food rich in minerals and calcium. Giving too much can cause digestive problems.
・The amount to be given per day depends on the weight and amount of exercise, but for large dogs, one bottle per day, and for small dogs, 2/3 to 1/3 should be given as a guide.
・It will be happy if you pour hot water over it. * Do not give the boiled bones when heated for a long time, such as boiling soup, as they will crack easily.

dog runs


This is a point to note when giving raw bones.

●Please be sure to give it where the owner is watching.

Please be sure to give it where you can see it so that it does not try to swallow. If you try to swallow it, please give it while holding the bone with your hand.
If the bone becomes too small to swallow, pick it up and replace it with a new one.

●Please be careful when putting it on a carpet.

Meat and fat on the bones and saliva from chewing may stain the floor. It is recommended to lay a vinyl sheet on the carpet.

●Do not give bones that have been heated for a long time.

Bones are brittle when heated. Do not give bones after cooking as they may damage the mouth and throat.

[Raw materials] Ezo deer bone [Country of origin] Japan (Hokkaido)
*As this is an additive-free, natural product, there may be variations in color and shape.

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