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No.41 Venison Thick Cut Jerky Made in Japan No Additives Dogs Cats Snacks

No.41 Venison Thick Cut Jerky Made in Japan No Additives Dogs Cats Snacks

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🦌NO.41 Honshu deer thick cut jerky

In order to maintain the nutrition of fresh Honshu deer, it is slowly made using a special drying method. Compared to other animals (cows, pigs), venison has fewer parts of meat, and we carefully remove muscle, fascia, fat, etc. from those few parts by hand and slice them. Jerky is finished by slowly drying it at a low temperature. A big piece of powerful meat is excellent to eat! It is a gem that will be very pleased with active children and large dogs.

・It is a completely additive-free snack that does not use preservatives, coloring agents, thickeners, binders, etc.
・Only carefully selected Japanese deer are used. It is a handmade snack.
・All products are manufactured in Japan. We will deliver safe and secure quality.

Dog Snack Lean Venison Thick Cut Jerky
Dogs eating venison jerkyAbout Zasshu Venison Snacks
Freshly made venison snacks have appeared

[Nutritional value of venison]

Ideally, dogs need a lot of animal protein, and cats need four times as much protein as dogs. The amount of protein required per day is said to be 22% or more for adult dogs and 26% or more for adult cats.
Venison Snack Nutrients

Venison has more protein and less calories than beef (cattle) and pork (pig).

Chewy Dog Snack Thick-sliced ​​Venison Jerky

Thick cut jerky with a satisfying texture stimulates the "eating" instinct of dogs and cats. Zasshu is unique in the size of a large piece of meat, which is rare among dog treats.

[Protein Necessary for Cats]

Venison is a meat that cats love. Venison is a recommended protein source for cats who need 4 times more protein than dogs.
Cat wants Zash's venison treats

[Made in Japan]

Freshness and management are important for venison. Planning, raw materials, product manufacturing, and sales are all made in Japan. We carefully manage and inspect each and every product. No additives such as preservatives or shape-forming thickeners are included.
・Because it is a natural material, there may be variations in appearance such as shape, color, and size, but there is no problem with quality.
・Because it is additive-free, the expiration date is about 180 days.

We also have a dog and a cat. We are making it with the same feeling as everyone who wants to eat safe and secure food 😌

Pet happiness is made of delicious things

[Ingredients] Honshu deer red meat
[Size] Length: Approx. 10cm to 15cm Thickness: Approx. 3mm to 5mm
[Calories] 337kcal/100g, protein 77.89kcal
[Expiration date] 180 days from the date of manufacture

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