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Pet dogs and cats are "carnivores".

Dog and cat pets are meat eating animals

It has a carnivorous digestive system that can eat raw meat.

Venison is attracting attention both in Japan and overseas for its low allergen content and diet. A hood was born.

Reliable and safe food for pets

The important thing is the hood “ Quality

We do not deny all dry food, but there are many food problems for dogs and cats, such as not eating well or getting tired of eating quickly.

We have prepared "happy" and "delicious" meat for your dog or cat.

Just by topping rice with meat, you can get closer to the ideal meal of high purity and deliciousness for dogs and cats.

A delicious meal will make you lean forward and eat it. Such a figure is lovely and I want to see it all the time.

[raw food style]
High-quality raw food is a superfood that provides all the nutrients based on the natural digestive function of animals. Owners who are worried about food selection should definitely try "raw food".

[Heating style]
High protein and healthy venison is also called an athlete food that supports the muscle strength of dogs and cats. If you lightly stir-fry it and top it with dry food, the bite will be much better.

Venison, which is easy to digest, healthy, and rich in protein, helps maintain the health of dogs and cats.

Main food is meat
That's why
100% domestic and natural materials
I am particular about.